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Terms and Considerations

At Inglewood Vet Clinic in Caledon, we do our best to see as many of our patients as possible. At the same time, we make sure each visit is thorough and every one of your pets' needs are addressed. Please understand that, consequently, some appointments may take longer than expected and there may be a wait time before the vet can see you. We can never guarantee how long this wait time may be.

Additionally, we enforce cancellation and no-show fees to ensure our time is used judiciously. If you fail to come to an appointment or cancel an appointment within 24 hours of the appointment time, a $45 fee will be applied to your account. If you fail to come for your pet’s surgery or cancel it within 36 hours of the surgery drop-off time, a $100 fee will be applied. 

Please be kind to our staff. Any abuse will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Please also be aware that this also applies towards food and prescription orders. Due to the high demand for veterinary products and diets, we cannot guarantee or control whether or when our suppliers will have items in stock.