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Emergency and Urgent Care

If you feel your pet is in an emergency (eg. in a vehicle collision, ingested a foreign body, or poison) or is critically sick, please don’t hesitate to call us immediately at 905-838-5800. A knowledgeable staff member will ask for all pertinent information and advise you on whether we can accept the emergency case or refer you to a local emergency veterinary hospital.  

At Inglewood Veterinary Clinic in Caledon, we do not charge an emergency fee, only the regular examination fee plus any diagnostics or treatment that the veterinarian deems necessary.

We also accept urgent cases where your pet is not in a life-threatening condition. If your pet needs to be seen before you’re able to make an appointment, call us and a receptionist will do their best to “squeeze” you in between our scheduled appointments. Please keep in mind that this means there may be a wait time before we can see you.